Computer Services

Client-server technology is commonplace in today' s business environment due to the fact that it provides the high degree of reliability that most corporate networks require. It helps organizations centralize their resources, build scalable networks, ease administration, and improve security.

At TELNIS, we know that your server is the heart of your network so we build every server with the right hardware and software to meet your specific requirements with all software pretested. We provide our customers with all necessary hardware and software and recommend essential peripherals such as power protection and network back-up.

We specialize in building, configuring and maintaining servers and workstations running on Windows or Linux operating system. We build and configure these servers with proven server technologies that address the demands on performance, availability, reliability and security. You can count on us to provide your organization the business applications it needs to increase productivity and security including:

  1. Bespoke software applications

  2. Network file and printing services

  3. Web applications

  4. Remote access (VPN)

  5. Electronic mail

  6. Content management applications

  7. Phone Systems

  8. Network backup

  9. Network anti-virus

  10. Network fax

  11. Accounting applications

  12. Database servers

  13. Security services

  14. Groupware and collaboration software.

TELNIS can review and if necessary recommend upgrading or replacing your existing hardware and software products. We can also provide your organization with timely, quality and cost-effective after sales services.